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August 9, 2004
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My Monalisa by vk My Monalisa by vk
This started as some sort of speed painting...then I kinda got into it. So...some parts are kinda detailed, others are left a little raw.
It was fun to draw...

I like her...she looks uhm...different ;)

I find it really odd having to explain this but...this wasn't really supposed to be a copy of the Mona Lisa by Leonardo Da Vinci (I thought it was obvious enough??; )...I just picked the name cause I thought she had the same enigmatic non-smiling smile... :) That's my favourite part of the drawing. (just my opinion of course...)

Reference for the girl...[link]
Photoshop CS. My lil Wacom.
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virtualzelia Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2008
Her expresion is great. I love this piece. ^^
smc0414 Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2007
i like it, kind of reminds me of the picture on the cover of the girl with a pearl earring for some reason.. but yes i like it ^^
MorganFae Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2006
Amazing! She is beyond gorgeous!!! A definite fav!
Emma-Jen Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2006  Student Traditional Artist
woah.... :wow: she does look different.. but so beautiful... =D it is kinda mona-lisa-ish, like you said, she has a sort of "enigmatic, non-smiling smile" ... very cool... so realistic!
carolinabarajas Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2005
Good job!!!!
moonlit-aurora Featured By Owner Apr 17, 2005  Student
i have to say, i really like this. i admit i understand about the parts being raw, but that ads to the monalisa part. and her mouth is like, well, it reminds me of something from peter pan, when the narrorator talks about wendy's mom. the narrator says that at the end of her lips, she hids a secret kiss. that for me is part of the mona lisa part about this picture. i hope you get this, because i deffinatly am faving it as i speak.
deltaevenstar Featured By Owner Apr 8, 2005
This is lovely, great work!
naryafaeraine Featured By Owner Mar 31, 2005
you have some very beautiful pieces i love this one in particular. good job :+devwatch:
Cuciih- Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2005
this piece of art is amazing.
im like :omg: i have no wors.

i so love it.
so so so love it.
splat Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2005  Professional Interface Designer
Your work astounds me at times. This is absolutely beautiful, it's just a shame I've waited so long to comment on it (it's been in my devWATCH for months now).

Comparing it to the reference photo, I'm quite impressed with how well you've managed to capture that same look but then take it a step further by really bringing out all the best parts of it. The change in hair style is a definite plus and even the subtle background is an improvement. I'm a fan of whatever it is she's wearing too (pearls?), especially the way they seem to just hang off of her shoulder. Quite sexy, in that innocent sort of way.

The skin tones and eyes are what do it for me. They just seem so real to me, it's hard to even imagine this being airbrushed. Your comparison to a modern-day Mona Lisa is interesting, though I think this has more emotion involved, even with the lack of a smile.

Excellent work *vk, as always, and I look forward to seeing anything else you decide to grace us with. =)
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